About Us


The main idea for establishing CWIT is based on play a prominent active role in preparing and qualifying Women’s organization . According to the requirements of the Saudi Labor market, in line with variables swift in life that education by itself cannot keep pace and catch up with it. For which is only working as an active partner for Saudi women in all sectors and all slide levels in order to prepare a distinct Organization for women not only by provide them with the knowledge and the application of know-how, but beyond that is to provide them with the individual skills to ensure their consistency of development and even become qualified to fill the gaps that needed in the Saudi Labor market through training programs at high level of experience in training courses and efficiency .

Optimal investment of human capital to women is through training solutions and professional standards.


To expand the role of Saudi women in the Saudi market through provision of professional training needs, which serve different areas of work through training the organization by using the latest methodologies and techniques to achieve excellence.


  • To provide excellent programs that serve the Saudi labor market.
  • To rehabilitation Saudi women to break into the labor professional tools.
  • To develop and raise the efficiency of the employees in the public and private sectors.
  • Targeting all segments of society and all age groups by providing training programs to suit every slide categories.
  • Business development and access to larger market segment.
  • To build strategic partnerships with the private and public sectors.


  • Commitment and confidence-building.
  • Innovation and diversity.
  • Efficiency and professionalism.
  • Social Responsibility.
  • Excellence and sophistication.
  • Customer satisfaction is the nominal value.