E-Governament Services Program

E-Government Services Program- 9 Months

Course objective

The Centennial Women Institute for Training is aimed as a definition of an appetizer to work in Government and private sectors employment. Which is specialized to qualify them with a high efficiency and to get the advantage of using the computer information along with communication technology. That is through the performance of their work tasks as to deliver and provide high quality services to a beneficiaries according to the regulations Laws of desirable work, to let them get the job done easily without facing any trouble and overcome the limitation of temporal and spatial usage .

Course contents:

  1. Professional Conduct.
  2. Google Apps for business.
  3. E-Marketing.
  4. E-government services guide
  5. Fundamentals of English- language.
  6. E-Commerce.
  7. The use of computers in Secretarial electronic.
  8. Internet and e-mail.
  9. E-Information security.
  10. Office business apps.
  11. E-management.
  12. E-archive.
  13. Final Project.


Course duration:

the Institute teaches this bag for Nine months . Five days a week and two hours per day.

Course features:

  • Accredited certificate from TVTC.
  • Training curricula bag containing (CDs).
  • Intensive hands-on training.
  • Flexible and ideal training environment.
  • Trainers of high scientific qualifications.
  • A course of two months in English language (FREE).

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