Designing Programs

Design Courses

 Designing programs, Below is the list of our designing programs.

  1.  Photoshop
  2. Autocad
  3. 3D Max
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. Flash
  6. Website.

Course features:

  • Accredited certificate .
  • Trainers of a high academic qualifications & approved internationally .
  • Free original copies of the syllabuses (books +CDS) for each trainee.
  • Fixable time – Morning & evening training sessions suitable for all trainees.
  • Each batch has a limited number of seats to provide the individual attention for each trainee.
  • Training will be provided in an ambitious atmosphere with fully equipped labs.
  • Teaching till mastering.
  • A pc and especial trainer for each trainee.

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Course Objective

Course Content


Course Objective

Course Content

This course students learn how to model, apply materials , add lights render and cameras

This course provides the fundamental knowledge, it focuses on the aspect of the software.

Delegates will be able to create, edit and render 3D models.

Navigate the 3D studio Max user interface.

Use the fundamental features of 3D Studio Max.

Use the V-ray.


Files & objects


Applying Modifies

Edit Poly Modeling


Compound Objects

AEC objects

Door &Windows

Materials; using Mapping, Cameras, Lighting

V Ray


General purpose Computer Aided Design and drafting(CAD) Used to create all line drawings. Designed to provide delegates with the basic ACAD commands. Delegates will be able to create, edit and print 2 dimensional drawings.

Navigate the ACAD user interface.

Use the fundamental features of ACAD.

Use the precision drafting tools in to develop accurate technical drawings.

Taking the ACAD tour.

Creating basic drawings.

Manipulating objects.

Drawing organization & Inquiry commands.

Altering objects.

Working with Layouts.

Annotating the drawing.


Hatching object.

Working with reusable objects.

Creating additional drawing object.

Plotting your drawing object.

Create drawing templates.



Adobe Photoshop

Course Objective

Course Content

AutoCad 3D

Course Objective

Course Content

This course will teach you to make full use of Adobe PS. It is Complex graphics and image editing software and paint program. This course will advance user to be capable of using Adobe PS ( VERSIONS CC OR CS6) and much more. Easily navigate PS.

Crop and resize images.

Color editing & manipulate images.

Combine several images.

Work with layers.

Paint tools.

Add text.

Create and use gradients.

Use new content.

Use filters.

Provides delegates with a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and workflows of how to design, create and modify 3D models. Also it helps to use visualization tools such as visual styles, model walk and fly throws, materials and lighting. Work proficiently with 3D models.

Create solid primitives, solid surface models.

Complete and adding necessary features to detail.

Duplicate and position 3D Models.

Convert 2D object to 3D.

Document a 3D by creating 2D drawings for Production and visualization.

Communicate design ideas by using visual tools and rederings.

Getting started in 3D.

3D modeling.

Creating Model from cross sections.

Editing models.

Sectioning a model & create drawings.




Course Objective

Course Content

This course teach the concepts of Building Information Modeling and introduce the tools for parametric building design and documentation using Revit-Arachitectural. Delegates will be able to;

Describe the benefits of buildings Modeling information.

Use the fundamental features of RA.

Use the parametric 3D design tools to design projects.

Add and manage views and object visibility.

Add detailing and drafting views.

Create construction documentation.

Building Modeling Information.

Revit Architecture basics.

Starting a Design.

The basics of the building model.

Loading additional building components.

Developing the building model.

Viewing the building model.

Using dimensions and constraints.

Detailing and drafting.

Construction documentation.

Presenting the Building Model.

Massing Studies.

Space planning & Area analysis.



Course duration Total hours Hours per day Days
Revit architectural 40 3 13
3dmax 35 3 12
Photoshop 15 3 5
Autocad 2&3d 35 3 12